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The Pure Heaven Story


In June 2020, COVID-19 spoiled our plans to travel the globe before settling down.

True to our 'never-sit-still' attitude, we instead set out to find the perfect block of land to build our dream house on. 

No more than a few weeks later (and with some assistance from our great friend, the late Shane Merchant) we found that perfect block situated on top of the world just north of Port Lincoln. After a year of design work, approvals and site preparation—including countless hours of rock-breaking granite—the much anticipated slab was finally poured in July 2021. Fast forward 18 months and our dream became a reality when we eagerly moved in a few days before Christmas 2022. However, this reality was short-lived, as just a few weeks later we packed up our lives and moved to the other side of the world to live out another dream.

Here's the twist....

When we first met in 2016, Tim mentioned he always wanted to work overseas. However the prospect of extended periods of working away in Africa didn't appeal to our relationship, so that dream was put on hold. 6 years went by with barely another mention. Then, at the end of 2021 Tim really got the itch to work overseas, particularly when the company he works for was awarded a new contract in Ontario, Canada.

Now, if you know Tim, then you'll know this was going to happen one way or another, and soon! So, to cut a long story short, we agreed that once the house was completed, we would move to Canada to work at the Red Lake Mine in Ontario for 2 years.

And thus, Pure Heaven was born! 

That 2 years is already looking at being extended as we are now parents to our beautiful Canadian-born daughter, Mia, who was born in December 2023. 

We only planned to build our dream house once, so we wanted to build it exactly how we envisioned. Hence, we were extremely meticulous when it came to the design work and selections.

We're both avid gym junkies so naturally we had to include an indoor gym, and what dream house would be complete without a pool?! The infinity pool was Shane Merchant's grand idea, and while the price tag blew the budget, we couldn't deny it would be spectacular to have an infinity pool overlooking the ocean! I'm sure everyone who has visited would agree 10 times over.  From there we threw in little bits of us; Tim's pride and joy - the aquarium, and Sam's pride and joy - the walk-through wardrobe.

We were extremely lucky to have Trent & Anna (as well as Brett) from Bradford Constructions alongside throughout the entire journey. Pure Heaven wouldn't have been possible without their guidance and flexibility. 

Well, that's our life story and how Pure Heaven came to be.

We hope you enjoy your stay and soak up every minute of our pride and joy.


Tim & Sam Forrest

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